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Washington D.C. has been known as one of such cities of United States that captures all the limelight and popularity of media industry within its city. This city has been regarded to be one of the biggest and yet the most distinguished center for promoting the media category at the highest stage. We are fully aware that when it comes to knowing the media than all the readers would have definitely fastened up their seat belts. In this article, we are discussing few of the most important and yet noticeable facts and figures in relation with the media sector of Washington. The very first newspaper that came in Washington was The Washington Post in 1877. This is not just the oldest but in fact the most favorite newspaper among the people. The main ground behind its huge popularity has been the complete detail discussion regarding the national and international affairs and political crisis and improvements and even the exposure of Washington scandals of the celebrities. According to the survey of 2012, this newspaper is accounted to be the 6th most popularly known and much read newspaper in the whole.

In addition to it, this newspaper has also inaugurated its sub-newspaper that captures the news about the movies, entertainment and public problems. This newspaper has been named as express. This is the only newspaper that came in the language of Spanish as well for the French people. In addition to all such newspapers, there are many other newspapers as well that are revolving in the streets of Washington named by The Washington Times, The Washington Examinerand alternative weeklyWashington City Paper. In addition to it there are many such newspapers as well that fully focus on the issues and problems of others cities cultures and traditions such as Washington Blade and Metro Weekly. Roll Call, Hill Politico and Congressional Quarterly have been known as one of such newspapers that are fully focusing on the federal and congress government rules and customs at an increased height. They discuss the problems and issues that are currently being evolving within inside the congress.

Other newspapers based upon such issues are National Geographic, The New Republic and Washington Republic. Furthermore, the Washington Metropolitan Area has been known as the ninth biggest television market in US that takes away 2 million public users that makes the 2% of the entire population. There are many media industries and companies as well that have been involved in the boosting up the media industry adding with C-SPAN,Black Entertainment Television (BET),Radio One, the National Geographic Channel; Smithsonian Networks,National Public Radio (NPR),Travel Channel (in Chevy Chase, Maryland),Discovery Communications (in Silver Spring, Maryland) andPublic Broadcasting Service (PBS). On the whole after this detail interesting and exciting media information we are fully aware that when we have to travel into Washington than if we want to know about the politics than we certainly can make the perfect choice through this article. Well apart from the fun the media plays an important role for exploring the actual truth in front of the people.

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