Visit To Washington, D.c.

One way to express your patriotic feelings towards the nation is to visit its capital, Washington, DC and enjoy the wonderful memorials and attractions in order to explore American history. You may plan a family vacation and combine fun and education in one trip.

The first stop on any visit to Washington, D.C. should be the capitol building itself. With Freedom perched on top of the massive dome, this building is impressive and beautiful. Be sure to take a guided tour through the building and explore the fantastic works of art located within. If Congress is in session, consider getting tickets to the visitor’s gallery and watch our government in action. Security is a high priority in the capitol building as well as any other government building in the city, so be sure to leave any banned items at home.

To see American history first hand, look no further than the National Archives. This building not only houses our most important documents, including the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution, it also contains some more unique historical items, like the cancelled check that paid for the purchase of Alaska from Russia! Filled with uniquely historical items, the collection is absolutely fantastic and should not be missed.

Smithsonian Institute takes the pride of place among visitors to this city. With its numerous museums, it caters to everyone’s taste and interest. Visit Air and Space Museum, Natural History Museum, National Gallery of Art and the American History Museum to watch Legendry Wright Flyer, the Hope diamond, Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings, Dorothy’s ruby slippers and Fonzie’s leather jacket. Some other museum’s under its collection are museums of art and the beautiful museum of Native American history.

The National Holocaust Museum exhibits heart rendering relics documenting the world’s most tragic period of time. It is dedicated to the men, women, and children who perished during this reign of terror.

The memorials of Washington, D.C. are an absolute must see. In Washington DC you just cannot miss the famous Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial, or Jefferson Memorial. In the spring months, the Jefferson Memorial is absolutely gorgeous with the blooming Japanese Cherry Trees. You must also visit the touching Vietnam Wall, Korean War Memorial, and the recently completed World War II Memorial.

The White House, the nation’s house, is lovely in all seasons of the year. However, you can no longer directly tour the White House because of the heightened security measures that have now been instated. If you are keen to visit, you may write to your Congressman or Senator for a special tour that can be arranged through the White House office.

Make Washington, D.C. your next vacation stop. There are many places to take your entire family for fun and learning experience.

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