Sacramento Gold Country Tours

No Northern California or Gold Country tour is complete without a trip to Sacramento. This city, which is California state capital, is rich in Gold Rush heritage and also offers modern, city culture and amenities for customers and thus offering the perfect location for travel tours.

When James Marshall discovered gold in 1848 near Sacramento, it started off the famous California Gold Rush. Many people seeking gold came to the city, which is now known as Old Sacramento, by boat. This 28-acre state historic park is a must-see destination for visitors to this region.

Old Sacramento today has some of the region’s most quirky retail shops, best restaurants, entertainment and nightclubs, the historic Delta King floating hotel, and the California State Railroad Museum, which is one of the world’s premier attractions for railroad enthusiasts.

Main Attractions

Tourists who are fond of American history will appreciate a trip to Sutters Fort, which was built by John Sutter in 1839. There is also the Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park, which has been restored to its 1846 appearance. Costume reenactments and demonstrations are staged from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The exhibits include a cooperage, blacksmith’s forge, jail, and bakery. These are meant to recreate the spirit of 19th century California. Now known as Sacramento’s hip Midtown area, it is open for tours daily.

However, there is a lot more to Sacramento than its Gold Rush history. Though, this by itself will be delightful for many visitors. Tourists can also enjoy outdoor adventures like biking and hiking along the 23-mile American River Parkway, hiking, white water rafting, golfing, day trips along the Delta, and wine tasting. In addition, as Californian capital city, there are tours of the architecturally stunning buildings like the State Capitol building, which is a scale model of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Built in 1869 and renovated in 1976, it is Sacramento’s most distinctive landmark. The 1-hour guided tours give an insight into the workings of the government that it houses and its distinctive architecture.

Sacramento also plays host to many events and festivals, such as the world’s largest Dixieland jazz festival, the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee, and Gold Rush Days, which takes you back to its 1850s ambience. The California State Fair, which has been held annually for the past 152 years, has more than a million visitors each year, and is always filled with entertaining performances and fun exhibits.

Old Sacramento is the most popular tourist attraction in the area. This part of the city seems to still belong to the 1800s. Although there are a few modern businesses based in that area, Old Sacramento is more of a tourist attraction than a commercial or business area. Apart from the quaint shops and museums there also a few restaurants in the area.

The most visited part of Old Sacramento is the California State Railroad Museum. A major highlight of Old Sacramento, this museum has a varied display of 105 shiny locomotives and rail cars, and beautiful antique pieces which are truly artistic. This museum is not limited to only children, and there are huge numbers of people who throng here every year to see the largest and best railroad museum in the country.

Other than the sight seeing, Sacramento has various shops selling collectibles and food items. For instance, there is the Blue Diamond Growers, which sells delicious almonds as souvenirs. You can also visit the Berkley Fine Wines owned by David Berkeley. Here you can also see how former President Ronald Reagan wanted his wine served.

Being an environmentally friendly city, Sacramento also offers outdoor activities for both the young and the old. You can spend your early mornings or late afternoons basking under the trees in any of the numerous parks of the city.

Its not just about gold or parks or trees. Sacramento is also a place where people can enjoy the modern amenities of life like the nightlife, shopping, and dining experiences.

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