Spain-the Miniature Continent Of Europe

The medieval vies in Spain with contemporary in its visuals. It has magnificent mountain peaks, majestic high cliffs and scenic valleys, the boulevards, the city thoroughfares with a peculiar sheen of the past. The history and mystery buffs, the connoisseurs of art and culture, the die-hard mountaineers, climbers and skiers are all attracted to its variety of tourist attractions all the year round. The rugged expanse of the Meseta central, the vast lowlands, the long coast and its sunny beaches, the bays and caves call the adventurers and sight seekers. The archipelagos of the Balearic Islands and the famous Canary Islands proffer a unique landscape for all. Spain holiday packages let you explore all this and more.

Spain has an enormous persuasion for tourists. The tradition of being the crossroad of civilizations makes Spain the 3rd largest tourist destination in Europe. Summer in Spain is a tourist haven. The tourist attractions in Spain are plenty. The Costa Brava of Catalonia, the famous resort of Salou, the city of Barcelona-the largest harbour of Spain, the Valencia and the famous summer city of Benidom are some popular summer destinations. The Mediterranean coast, the inner salt lake of the Mar Menor, the Andalusia Costas and summer towns like Malaga and the two archipelagos- the Balearic and the volcanic Canary islands in the Atlantic are famous tourist haunts. The Spanish beaches are retreats of the wealthy and mighty in summers.

Winter tourism is equally popular, especially with the ski lovers. It is one of the major tourist attractions in Spain. Spain is the second most mountainous country of Europe. A dedicated community of skiers waits for the slopes of Sierra Nevada to open for the winter. Since the Sierra Nevada is closest to the Mediterranean, its warmth and sunshine make it ideal for skiing. It is Europe’s southern most snow bound areas zealously sought by skiers. The Sierra Nevada National Park declared biosphere reserve area, the Nevada Observatory and the city of Granada at the foothills are worth visiting in winter.

Tourists throng Spain for its richness of culture, museums, cathedrals, and a massive sprinkling of artwork. Thirteen cities of Spain are UNESCO designated world heritage sites; Madrid and Barcelona are at the top. Madrid’sPaseo Del Pradoaptly named the golden triangle of art houses one of the three best museums in the world. The San Fernando Royal Academy of fine arts displays artworks from 15th century to modern artwork. The Royal Palace of Madrid -used only for official functions by the king-displays a rich heritage of Spain. The city of Barcelona has scores of museums and heritage sites worth visiting.

Visit the religiously inclined, Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, the third holiest place for Catholics after the Vatican and Jerusalem. Spain is famous for its annual festivals. The running of the bulls in Pamplona has been just one of them. Spain is one of the most friendly tourist destinations of Europe. Check out holiday packages in Spain on the web and get the best deals for yourself.

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