The Dragon Boat Festival Jiangnan Self-driving Tra

Now is the Dragon Boat Festival, also have three days to rest, how to arrange the three days of vacation time, best or drive out for a walk outside to play, because the Dragon Boat Festival when relatively little heat, so the best choice of cool travel a little spots, here to share with you the Dragon Boat Festival travel raiders.
tools / materials Sunglasses parasols (HAT) camera sunscreen car steps / method first morning to Jiaxing City, the first station to the South Lake Nanhu red boat there to visit, visit, after all, is the party’s birth place, and then by boat to the island of Yanyu Lou visit, on very small, about half an hour can almost finished, as for the South Lake revolutionary memorial hall, are interested can look at, to commemorate the significance is very strong, but the tourism value in general.
After leaving Lake drive to Haining, on the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed, along the direction of Tongxiang, until the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed, salt lake line go,Cheap Mac Cosmetics, then fine sea road, finally crossing the Haizhou on the road to Haining, about an hour less than, those celebrities like nothing, recommend to the city of Haining leather stroll around, especially girls, there may be something nice.
Around the city of leather is estimated to have twelve points, this time there to eat lunch, eat over there dumplings, taste good.After lunch, take a break, and then drive to Wuzhen, the coastal state west to fine sea highway, about ten minutes through open, the third outlet into lake salt line, mostly in the Kingswood road and lake salt line, the Wuzhen bridge over later, after Long Yuan Road, soon will be able to reach Wuzhen, from leather city to Wuzhen spend approximately 1 hours.
In Wuzhen, if no prior booking, first go to the hotel in town to book the room, relatively cheap, not to the scenic area dormitory at night, daytime is not very expensive, see also does not matter, a period of time, until five or so, officially visited Wuzhen, recommended to the West Scenic Zone night, where the east gate of large number, and night lighting is very nice.
Can be directly on the inside to eat dinner, then back to town to rest.The very next day morning, driving from Wuzhen to Huzhou Deqing, probably need about 1 hours, mainly to the Deqing play Mogan Mountain, to Mogan Mountain, if you intend to stay here, first in the mountain farm music book room, the price hill than mountain about two or three times more expensive.
Mogan Mountain scenic area is dispersed, so I do not recommend line, with something for everyone, but there is a farmhouse meal form, recommended to eat over there chicken, taste good.Jiben the last morning can travel through the scenic Mogan Mountain, this time if you do not intend to stay here, recommended driving to Hangzhou West Lake to play, West Lake surrounding area are mostly free, then Lingyin Temple klippe also to visit a good place, night words to the lakeside road pedestrian street to go for a walk, it is international atmosphere, and then look at the Xihu District hotel for the night.
Third day of early morning departure from Hangzhou, out of the city from the Hangzhou south junction of Shanghang new high-speed, ocean Creek junction turn right and walk Qiandao Lake regional landscape high-speed, directly to the town of lake, about an hour four or five, to go to Qiandao Lake.
So far three day dragon boat festival holiday arrangements end.Note this method starting from Baidu Baidu users and user experience, only the exchange of information, without my permission, shall not illegally reproduced and used for commercial purposes.
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