Kitchen Equipment To Get Your Food Business On Track

When food is heated in a conventional oven, the heat exchange between the hot air and the cold food and the evaporation of moisture in the food create an actual layer of insulation on the food’s surface. As this insulation barrier forms, the cooking process slows down. The forced air currents in a convection oven blow away this insulation layer and replace it with hot air, so the heat transfer is far more efficient.
When you don’t feel like getting out of your pj’s to drive somewhere for pizza, call Mama Mia Pizzeria in Englewood and have them deliver to your door. Aside from having your standard pizza fare, this mom and pop shop offers unique house specialty pizzas with their own personal twist.
With EPNS, the thickness of the plating determines both the durability and the price, so cheap EPNS may look good initially, but may not have a good lifetime cost. EPNS is used at the high end of restaurants and has a very elegant and classical look about it, but in addition to its extra cost, requires the additional maintenance of occasional use of a silver dip or polish to retain the silver lustre.
The Pizza Paddle – whether your restaurant specializes in pizza or offers it as an appetizer, or offers a flatbread dish, the pizza paddle is a very important but occasionally overlooked piece of equipment.
Any restaurant owner will tell you how frustrating it is to find a reliable supplier when on a tight budget. Let’s face it, prices are not where we want them nowadays and if they are, the quality is not up the par. When we do find an “okay” vendor, switching vendors due to pricing can be a headache especially after adjusting to their inventory. Not only that, you’ll probably have to deal with their persistent sales men (or women) who are strongly convinced that your restaurant needs to purchase another order of 15,000 plastics forks. Could the dream of finding a trustworthy affordable restaurant supplier (minus the headache) come true?
Here in the Jean’s Commercial Kitchen Equipment Service Department, we have compilied a list of service and preventative maintenance tips to help your restaurant succeed in it’s business venture. Your heating, cooling, cooking and food preparation equipment is a huge investment that should be kept in good, clean, operational order.
When we walked into the restaurant, customers walking out were heard to say, ‘That was the BEST burger I’ve ever had.’ We were excited to taste something from the menu. I had a Swiss Cheese Mushroom burger on a whole-wheat bun; my partner had a chicken burger with Tex-Mex seasonings due to be next week’s special. The fries were fantastic-the best I’ve had in a very long time. Didn’t even use ketchup!
The history of KitchenAid goes back to 1919 when the Hobart Manufacturing company was trying to come up with a better name for their Model H-5. The story goes that an executive took one home to his wife and asked her to test it and help come up with the name. She reportedly said: “I don’t care what you call it, I know it’s the best kitchen aid I have ever had”, and the name was born.

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