Hair Removal – Bushy Eyebrows And Hairy Legs Don’t Cut It At The Swim Club

Popular culture tells us that bushy eyebrows, mustaches and hairy legs on women are unacceptable. Where did that come from and why do the majority of American women feel that way? Now that is the big question that does not get addressed. Rather the quest for the total removal of unsightly body hair wages on and the cosmetic industry is all too happy to help both men and women find their hairless nirvana. The tactics used vary from waxing, plucking, laser hair removal, shaving and the use of creams and lotions. Each strategy has its benefits and drawbacks and our hope is to share a few of these with you in this article. We will also try to take a look into the social psychology of those trying to obtain a hairless lifestyle.

Back in the days of early civilization a process called sugaring was used. A sticky paste made from honey and bees wax was heated and applied to the hairy region and a strip of cloth was pressed onto the paste and then yanked off. Today this method has been honed to and art called waxing and the estheticians that provide less pain in removing the body hair are honored as gods. In the ancient Roman Empire, hair removal was a ceremony that was only performed for the upper class. Servant women would use pumice stones, crude razors and specially crafted depilatory creams on their masters to remove their unsightly body hair. Days later they would emerge after the inflammation of the skin would subside. Modern women today have many more options available that leverage better technology but the decision to use more permanent hair removal methods remain the same. It is still perceived today that a wealthier class of women invests more into their appearances.

Hair Removal Product Ingredients
Many of the natural hair removal waxing products include a blend of melted sugars, mild oils, and a citrus juice from lemons or limes for their antiseptic and anti-bacterial benefits as well as a proprietary blend of herbs like chamomile to address inflammation and offer soothing effects. The actual waxing process is performed by skilled personnel.

Depilatories are the creams sold both online and on the retail shelves that contain the right blend of chemicals to break down the skin’s binding structures called keratin that hold the hair follicle in place. This weakens the hair roots grip to where it just wipes away with a washcloth and some minor abrasive action. The active ingredients of thiglycolate and barium sulfide affects women with sensitive skin with a burning and irritation and therefore these products are not right for all skin types.

Hair removal for men works in a similar fashion using common products and the hair removal prices charged by spas range from $15.00 – $75.00 per treatment based upon the products used and the skill of the person performing these tasks. Many spas today are using hair removal lasers to achieve more permanent results over a course of several sessions and can charge more for their services if that combine a deep tissue massage in Washoe for the same hour long session.

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